Monday, 24 August 2009

Inglorious Basterds

The dialogue and the performances are often comical yet engrossing. The story, while linear, sprawls in terms of the narrative threads. There are only a couple of shocking scenes which are on the level of the ear scene in Reservoir Dogs. On the whole i didn't find it a graphic or gross movie.

All of the characters are disposable soldiers (be they enlisted or not) for which I didn't feel any real sympathies or repulsions. For me the standout performance was that of Christoph Waltz, the Jew Hunter. But all of the actors are great with Kruger and Laurent offering more subtle and serious performances.

There were only two or three moments where the lengthy scenes seem to fall flat and let the movie down, and I sorta missed the Americana-charm of Pulp Fiction or Death Proof.

I can see why some will hate it -- or perhaps just be confused. But for those who enjoy the Tarantino style, they will be more than satisfied at what is by-in-large a dark comedy. Plus it has a few voice-over cameo's which are cool.

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