Monday, 4 October 2010

Old times

I wrote this a while back, its a PathBar port to pyclutter with some added candy and bugs.

This code is old, probably > 12 months?  I am not even sure the code runs nowadays.  Problem with clutter was/is that it did not preform well with certain hardware.  Its a lovely toolkit though that make so many aspects of interface development a real pleasure.

I wanted to post this mostly so I don't forget about it.

Another Paul Henry brain explosion

Maybe people saw this?

@Paul Henry

This tripe actually made me mad.

Paraphrasing MLK; who cares about the skin colour, the place of birth, the faith held dear, it is the content of the heart and the contributions to society that matter.

Clearly this is not a value you hold innately.

Enough with face values! Think before you speak. If this is too much of a challenge or TVNZ priorities are so deranged that they consider antics like this the only way to rate, stop being exploited, or get off air.

I love the fact the Warriors have an Afghani in their team. I love the fact we have a Governor General with a non-Anglo name. I love the fact that Auckland may not be an Anglo/Pacific dominated society in 25-50 years.

If NZ gonna be something worthwhile its gonna have to embrace different and if you ain't excited about that: - welcome to the meteor that's gonna make you a ridiculed fossil.

But I guess you got your indefensible salary for saying this shit so you can keep on truckin'. Sad.