Sunday, 16 August 2009

Easily add NTFS drives to /etc/fstab

I have discovered ntfs-config. Its a nice little tool that takes the guesswork out of getting my NTFS drives setup the way I want.

To use it, first remove any prior attempts at setting up an NTFS drive in your fstab. Its probably worth a log-out and log-back-in as well.


sudo aptitude install ntfs-config

Once installed,

sudo ntfs-config

You will be presented with a minimal GUI from which you can select which NTFS drives you would like to add to your fstab.

You are also required to name the mount point... so in my case I went with 'windows' and 'storage'. These are then prefixed with /media/, thus the mount points become /media/windows & /media/storage. Confirm and permit write support and your done!

Easy. Though it begs the question: why Gnome doesn't develop an integrated way of doing the above, perhaps in one of the drive Properties tabs?

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